We believe this generation of Children and Adolescents can play a key role contributing to creating the positive change we wish to see in this world, especially if we start setting the precedence now. Harnessing the creativity and ingenuity of a child’s imagination means we can gaze ‘through the looking glass’ and witness a world beyond what we already know. 

Terms like ‘Nature deficit disorder’ are being used to describe the disconnection from nature, the psychological, physical and cognitive costs of human alienation from nature, particularly for children in their vulnerable developing years can be recognised as per evidence compiled and reviewed by Richard Louv, chairman of Children and Nature Network.

In the community, we support organisations that are committed to providing children and adolescents opportunities and outdoor experiences that foster improved health, wellbeing and a deeper connections to our natural world. A portion of every project will be donated to a cause of our clients choosing, and we will be developing further community engagement programs that share our knowledge and passion for building design, construction, future thinking and connection to Nature.

Martin Builders are proud supporters of the following community programs