Builders. Innovators. Visionaries. Change makers.

Martin Builders represents the next generation of leaders in the building industry.


Our purpose is to bring positive change to the world through our craft in the built environment. We do this by providing affordable homes and structures that teach people how to learn and live sustainably on this planet.

photography :  Brook James

photography : Brook James

We are passionate about bringing positive change to the world.

We are focused on quality through craftsmanship.

We value love, honesty, loyalty and mutual respect,
with both our team and our clients.


As professionals in the building industry, we believe it is our responsibility to utilise our expertise to develop a built environment that is high quality, aesthetically pleasing, practical, efficient and affordable. We are committed to finding the best ways to create homes and buildings that are high quality, non-toxic and come with no harm to nature. 

For Martin Builders, success means making every building, home, space and place we build Carbon Positive. It means continually supporting our community in making a positive impact after project completions. It means establishing Australia’s first sustainable building and life apprenticeship.


Let us create a building that is perfect for you and the planet.